Basement building parking

Paid parking is available underground in our building at 477 Richmond St. W.

The parking lot entrance is located on the west side of the building, on Brant St.
Brant is now a one way street going north so it can be a bit of a journey of one way streets depending on which direction you are arriving from.

Westbound on Richmond

Turn southbound (left) on Spadina Ave.
Turn westbound(right) on Camden St.
Continue to the end of Camden St.
Turn northbound (right) on Brant St.

Eastbound on King St or Adelaide St.

Turn northbound (left) on Brant St.

How do I access the garage?

Once on Brant the parking garage can be accessed in the last building on the east (right side)of the street. There are yellow pillars on each side of the entrance, which is a downward ramp leading to a large garage door. As you approach the door will open.

Where do I pay?

There is a automated machine on P1 near the entrance of the parking garage. It is located to the right of the empty attendant. You are required to input your license plate number and make payment by credit card.

You can also pay by using the handy Honk Mobile app!

Where should I park in the garage?

Where should I park in the garage?

Do not park in the reserved parking spaces. Any other space is fine, but you may need to drive down a few levels until you find an empty space that is not reserved.

Nearby parking options

  • Street parking is available on Camden St. and Adelaide St.
  • A Green P parking lot is located at the corner of Spadina and Adelaide. The entrance is on Adelaide on the east (right) side of the street.