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Threat Number 4: Canadian Optometrists are Terrorists

Ahhh the humour of it. On Monday, Kristin appeared on The Hour with George Strombouloupolous to answer questions about Ontario optometrists being terrorists. Last week Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care George Smitherman called Ontario optometrists "a bunch of terrorists, and I don’t negotiate with terrorists." He apologized on Monday, November 7, but national and international news (and pseudo-news) media have picked up on the story.

The Colbert Report Threat Down identified Optometrists as the fourth biggest threat to national security.

  1. Bears
  2. NASCAR Romance Novels
  3. Professional Musicians specially those at Radio City Music Hall
  4. Canadian Optometrists
  5. Pirates

Watch The Colbert Report clip QuickTime 5.5Mb

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