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Six New Views of the World

IDEO has a fetish with sunglasses. IDEO won the 2003 I.D. Magazine Design Distinction for their Solar Sunglasses. The Solar Sunglasses perform triple duty:

  1. Protecting your eyes from Ultraviolet radiation
  2. Providing a fashionable accessory
  3. Converting sunlight into stored power for portable devices like a PDA, mobile phone, or GameBoy

This is not the first time that IDEO has lead innovation in the eyewear industry. In collaboration with Eastman Kodak, IDEO has designed 6 eyewear prototypes that demonstrate the durability and flexibility of copolyester. The copolyester material used in the IDEO designs is 10 to 15 percent cheaper and resists the chemical corriosion causes by sunscreen with traditional polycarbonate lenses.

Polycarbonate lenses are typically used for children’s glasses and saftey glasses because of it’s durability and resistance to shattering. If you have questions about your lense materials, please contact Dr. Heeney at 416-703-2797 or, and we can explain the differences and find the right lense materials for you.

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