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Thank you for your patience, we are testing a new patient self-service experience. If you have any questions, please complete the contact form or call us. The goal is to provide patients secure, immediate access to their optometric records and data including examination scheduling, prescriptions and records.

Notes for Existing Patients

Patient privacy and privacy protection is one of our core concerns, and we have made choices that appear inconvenient but are designed to protect the privacy of patients first and foremost. All existing patients accounts must be verified by a Spadina Optometry staff member before the past data can be viewed online. It may take us up to 1 business day to verify your account.

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Detailed Registration Process

  1. Enter the CAPTCHA
  2. Select “Search”
    Select Search
  3. “Select” an appointment. It doesn’t matter which one, you need to register before you can select appointment, our advice is to select the first available appointment and continue to the next step.
    Choose an available appointment
  4. “Register” to complete your appointment.
    Register to complete your appointment
  5. Complete your “Required Information”. The password is required to be a minimum of 6 characters and it must include one uppercase character, one lowercase character and one numeric character.
    Complete your required information
  6. The “Required Information” includes name, email, a phone number, postal code and date of birth.
  7. Enter “Registration Code”. The registration code will be sent to the email provided in the “Required Information” page. It may take up to 10 minutes after completing the form for your code to be sent.
    Completed required information
  8. Email containing your “Registration Code”.
    Screenshot of Email containing registration code
  9. Completed Registration
    Completed registration
  10. Successful Log In. Now you can search for and book appointments.
    Successful logged in. Search for an available appointment.

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