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Protect your eyes: First eye injury of the season

Just days in to the exhibition season for the NHL, a player has sustained a major eye injury. Montreal Canadians forward Chad Kilger was hit in the face by a high stick during practice and received broken bones, extensive hemorrhaging around the left eye socket. Mr. Kilger does not wear a face sheild or eye protection. Mr. Kilger was released from hospital and his condition appears to be improving. We extend our best wishes for a successful recovery to Mr. Kilger.

Mr. Kilger’s injury follows closely to WNBA star, Tamika Catchings, suffered a laceration to the face and eye.

Your Vision, What could be more important?

Dr. Heeney strongly supports Canadian Association of Optometrists in their efforts to make eye protection manadatory for hockey players.

For more information about eye protection solutions for all sports including hockey, football, basketball, skiing, racquet sports, please contact Dr. Heeney to make an appointment to find out what is available for you to protect your eyes and your vision.

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