Do you experience halos and glare?

The end of Daylight Savings Time means that Canadians will be spending more time in the dark, whether driving to or from work, picking up the kids from hockey or going for an early morning ride or run. Halos (the rings you see around a point of light) and glare (difficulty in seeing in bright light environments like oncoming headlights) distort images and can make objects look blurry or hazy, which may cause people to become distracted or unaware of their surroundings

Canadians will begin to notice halos and glare more often over the winter months when they are more active during low and no light hours. Autumn and winter weather can also compound the effect of halos and glare. Rainy, wet streets or snow can increase the amount of light reflected into eyes from street lights and headlights.

What can you do to reduce halos and glare?

Ask our eye care professionals about the solutions available, including new innovative contact lenses specially designed to reduce the appearance of halos and glare and/or glasses with anti-reflective coating.

Regular eye exams can help maintain your overall health

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