Computer Vision Syndrome - Digital Eye Strain

With the increase in the number of digital devices and the increasing amount of time spent engaging with computers, tablets, phones and smart watches, that research is showing a rise in the detection of visual problems. Having uncorrected hyeropia or myopia, astigmatism or presbyopia can all make computer use less comfortable and efficient. Depending on your condition, your eyes could be exerting extra effort or be forced to work harder to maintain a clear image when viewing the screen. Even people with perfect vision may experience symptoms such as blurred vision, eyestrain and headaches with prolonged computer use.

Our doctors of optometry can help improve your computing experience. They will need to know:

  • How many hours a day you use a computer?
  • The distance from your eyes to your screen
  • The overall setup of your workstation, your main tasks and if you have multiple screens
  • The type and location of lighting in your work area

This will help with to discover if you suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, or if your discomfort is the result of a more serious vision or health problem

Regular eye exams can help maintain your overall health

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