Ease the Strain from Staring at Screens

Almost 90 percent of adults spend more than two hours a day using a digital device, with at least 1 in 10 people spending three-fourths of their waking hours on a device between their phone, laptop, television, tablet and e-readers 1. This constant exposure to technology is a shock to our eyes, it's no wonder that people are reporting symptoms of digital eye strain, such as dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye fatique, neck and back pain, and headaches.

What Can You Do To Prevent Digital Eye Strain?

Just like people need different pairs of shoes for different occasions, there is also a need for different, specialized lenses to cater to varied vision needs. Different glasses and coatings for working at the computer, using your phone, driving or playing sports. You should take into consideration the amount of time spent in front of their computer, ambient lighting conditions, distance from their computer and the type of computer work being done.

Regular eye exams can help maintain your overall health

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  • Adults aged 19-65 years
  • $149
  • A comprehensive ocular and visual assessment involving over 50 tests. This is the price of an annual eye exam for anyone.
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions *
  • Comprehensive ocular health and visual assessment involving >50 tests
  • Retinal Photography
  • OCT and Visual Fields **
  • * Additional follow-up and partial eye exams may be required.
  • ** As required. There are no additional fees on our Annual Eye Exams for retinal photos or OCT. OHIP does not cover retinal photos or OCT, which we feel is important to thoroughly examine your eyes for retinal diseases and glaucoma. Early diagnosis and intervention is our goal.

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